Yes. I am Generation Z Between the years 1997 and 2012, I was born. I may appear to comprehend how today’s generation evolve, but the truth is that I am befuddled. There are a slew of difficulties that Generation Z cannot grasp, and here I am, trying to make sense of everything that is going […]

            Most people do not have the urge to invest digitally as they find it somehow confusing, and inappropriate. We could not deny the fact that several individuals got scammed in this thing. It is risky to say but due to the growing population, and advanced technology, this digital asset may be a huge income. […]


  “Pagbilang kong tatlo nakatago na kayo…” “Ten twenty thirty…” “Taya!” “Nanay tatay gusto kong tinapay…” O? Nakakamiss diba? Yung halos lahat ng kabataan ay nasa labas ng tahanan Maingay at magulo pero sa nakakatuwang dahilan. Hindi na tayo masaway ni nanay at laging nasisigawan ng masungit na kapitbahay. Laro lang ng laro hanggang sa […]

Bookworms! Bookworms! Bookworms!

Hey Bibliophile! Bibliophile – A person who collects or has a great love of books.    The generation nowadays is fond of reading fictional books that may help them to escape from the reality. No matter what your mood is, there’s a book that will be your great companion. If you wanted to transport into […]


I’m trying to grasp all these thoughts in my head that have been planted But all I realized was.. It’s not about someone who’s with me when everything is fine, it’s the person beside me when I feel like giving up. It’s the one who make my days good and my reason to have a […]


“Make sure at the end of the day, at the end of the relationship; you have yourself.” Minsan sinabi ko sa sarili ko na ayoko na, pero ginusto ko pa rin. Minsan sinabi ko na hanggang dito nalang, pero bumalik pa rin. Minsan ko nang tinalikuran pero lagi pa ring binabalikan. Magulo ba? Hayaan mo, […]


“Maute group attack in Marawi City” Many questions running through my head right now, and I really don’t know what, where and how can I start this blog. Well, listen up! This whole blog is bluntly my opinion. Have you read or watched news about the latest issue nowadays? How did you react about it? […]


3 words, thousands of meaning. People nowadays never know the effect of simple words they utter. Because of the words they have said to you, it will leave scars that will last forever without others noticing it.. Words are so powerful that it can kill us in different ways, Words can kill your self-esteem Words […]

Intrams 2017

I can’t say that this intrams became memorable to me, all I can say is I’m kinda unlucky . Why? Because I suffered from sickness the whole week. The day before the opening, I had to absent from school causing to missed the start of the intrams week and because of some family matters, I’m […]


Communication is  different ways to spread information to the public through mass media. The subject helps us to show our skills that we can use to expand our potential in the field we will be facing in the future. Having a communication subject helps me to overcome every little fears I have as a person. […]